EU Based Customers May Be Charged VAT Soon

Linode may start charging VAT to European Union (EU) based customers soon.

Ricardo N Feliciano

1 minute read

Linode has added a new field in the “Contact Info” form under “Accounts”. This may mean some changes.

New VAT field in billing page.

A new VAT Number field has been found on the contact info/billing form in the Linode Manager. This hints that Linode may soon be charging customers VAT. The help text next to the field says, “EU VAT Registration Number, if applicable.”, hinting that this may only apply to European Union (EU) customers.

Linode has not said anything publicly about this field yet. All we know is what comes up in the Manager. If they are planning on implementing this billing change, let’s hope customers who are affected get a fairly early notice. Surprise bills in hosting is too often an occurrence and something Linode has been better on than the competition. Let’s keep it that way.