Linode Bumps SSD Storage Across All Plans (for free)

Linode increased the amount of SSD storage available across all of their plans.

Ricardo N Feliciano

1 minute read

Many of you already know that last month Linode gave out free storage upgrades to all of their plans. Linode is one of the few companies I know that consistently gives out more resources every couple of years without increasing the prices of their plans. A very, very, rare business practice.

Linode’s blog post announced the new plans but didn’t really cover exactly what the changes were. Here’s a graphic showing the previous plans and the their storage numbers, and how the new numbers compare:


Basically, the $5 Linode plan increased SSD storage by 25% while the rest of the plans increased by 66%. Interestingly, a few of the plans were simply discontinued, such as the Linode 12GB and Linode 24GB plans. If you have them, you’ll be able to use them and upgrade from them, but new Linodes won’t be able to select those plans.

This likely was done to make room for their newer plans, which are in power of 2 multiples of RAM. Here are their newest plans to make the list: