Ricardo N Feliciano

1 minute read

Many people who run their own website on Linode end up wanting a professional looking email address. Something like jane@mywebsite.com. This can be done by signing up for Google Apps and then configuring your domain on Linode

Setting the MX Records up Manually

The MX records needed to get Google Apps email working for your domain can be configured manually from Linode Manager. Fortunately, Linode has a guide to walk us through this process. However, if you have the Linode CLI installed we can get them installed with a single line.

Setting the MX Records via the Linode CLI

With the Linode CLI already installed locally on your machine, you can configure your domain name for Google Apps by copying & pasting the following line into your terminal:

curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/linodians/linode-cli-scripts/master/gapps.sh | bash -s <EXAMPLE.COM>

Make sure to replace <EXAMPLE.COM> with the actual domain you are configuring. Warning: This script will delete any existing MX records for that domain.

You can view the script on GitHub here. A good rule of thumb is to always investigate a script before you blindly run it on your computer. Security!