The Linode Nanode Plan: What It Is and Isn't

Linode has a cleverly named server plan called Nanode. We explain what it is.

Ricardo N Feliciano

2 minute read

Like many cloud hosting providers Linode offers various pricing plans. In the Standard Plans (their classic plans) they have the “Linode 2GB” which is $10/mo, 2TB transfer, 25GB of SSD storage, etc. Another example is the “Linode 8GB” which is $40/mo, 5TB transfer, 160GB SSD storage, etc.

Some people seem to have been confused so here it is, a “Nanode 1GB” is a “Linode 1GB” with a different name.

What It Is

The Nanode Linode is a portmanteau (combination) of the words “Nano” and “Linode”. Nano, meaning very small, works because this is the smallest plan Linode available. This falls right inline with Linode’s character as a company is the name Linode itself is a portmanteau of “Linux” and “Node”.

A Nanode 1GB is just a “Linode 1GB” meaning 1GB RAM, 1CPU core, 25GB of SSD storage, 1TB transfer, etc.

What It Isn’t

The Nanode isn’t a budget plan. Yes, it’s cheaper than a Linode 2GB, but that’s then cheaper than a Linode 4GB. Nanodes run on the same great hardware that all of the other Linode Standard Plans run on. There isn’t a cheapening of the CPU model or anything else.


So why the name change? Probably because it’s “cute” or “cool”. I don’t know. Whatever works for you. The point is, it’s great server hardware at a great freakin’ price.