Linode Launches Preliminary CoreOS Support

Linode launches preliminary support for CoreOS.

Ricardo N Feliciano

2 minute read

With the rise of cloud-computing came many tools that have redefined the way we run applications on the Internet. Docker brought Linux containers (LXC) to new heights allowing applications to be tested and deployed quickly and in a reproducible manner. Containers went hand-in-hand with microservices architecture causing tools such as [Kubernetes][k8], created by Google, to be developed to help orchestrate scalable, Docker-based infrastructure. In an increasingly container-based world, new technologies at every level of the stack were created to adapt. At the operating system level, CoreOS was created and now Linode finally supports it.

Linode's Long-Awaited API Rewrite Enters Beta

Linode announces that version 4 of their API is now in beta.

Ricardo N Feliciano

1 minute read

Linode’s API has grown long in the tooth. It’s not the most efficient to use but more importantly, lacks endpoints for many Linode features that have launched in the past several years. Linode has heard our complaining and launched an effort to create a new API back in April of 2016. Over a year later, they have finally promoted the new API to beta status. The feature list is inspiring, enabling a suite of better and new tools to be built for Linode in the future.